wellness experience design

How to design a new wellness experience: Arga by Jacuzzi


It is not so common to have projects that aim to revolutionize a market sector, to break the rules by creating a new form of experience.

When Jacuzzi turned to the Whynot team, there was an embryonic dream and a strong desire to make it real and turn it into a finished product.



The occasion to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the hydromassage has been the perfect setting to present Arga, much more than a tub – a new relaxation experience.

When you create something completely new, the biggest difficulties are to give a credibility and a sense to the new proposal that will have to be understood and appreciated by the market.

One of the initial objectives was to understand the latent needs of the user, the unfulfilled desires to integrate in Arga. Through a methodical analysis that involved the study of the customer journey, the use scenarios and the individual key phases of the bathroom experience, Whynot team “designed” the Arga experience.


The Arga bathtub experience


In defining the Arga style, the main challenge was to integrate new and numerous features (swirlpool, salt loading and diffusion, interface, lighting system) into a pure and essential freestanding body made of acrylic and not composite materials.

The softness of the forms enhances the circular flow of the swirling that spreads magically from small light openings of the shell.


The interface is the face of the product, a backlit glass top that deliberately contrasts with the matte shell emphasizing the technological value of Arga. The aim was to create a control panel that fits in a balanced way with the design of the shell and that amplify the user experience.

Every functional and aesthetic detail was a result of a synergistic work between Jacuzzi and Whynot designers; the challenge of rethinking the bathroom experience was accepted and the result was above all expectations.