Industrial design: how to create a bestseller


It is often thought that the goal of industrial design is to create outstanding products, out of the box, able to capture the attention of the media and customers, but not to convincing them to buy. Consumers then turn to simpler and more popular models, both in terms of style and price.

This is only one of the product design key-factors: a good design project is a strategic tool able to control multiple assets and create added values also from a commercial point of view.

Intelligent design can, and sometimes must, be for mass market. It could allow to contain costs and optimizing technical specifications or production lines, while providing an attractive look , contemporary and easy to sell: good design can launch a bestseller like the pellet stove Cherie Up.


Anatomy of a bestseller: Cherie Up


There is no mathematical formula to create a successful product. Surely one must study the market, the customer with his taste and his expectations, but it is also necessary to anticipate trends and find those latent needs and those key elements that can leverage the market.

Cherie Up is a fundamental product for Edilkamin because it represents the synthesis of the company philosophy: a product that offers performance and top quality with a very recognizable aesthetics, iconic but for everyone.


Design industriale stufa


The previous model, the old Cherie, was the icon of Edilkamin for years, with its typical hourglass shape. Edilkamin wanted to re-launch its iconic product with a new skin that would meet the aesthetic standards of both the Italian, French and Northern European markets.

Satisfying these two aesthetic standards that are partly conflicting was the main challenge we faced as a designer. Every line and detail of Cherie Up had to be in the right balance between “reassuring” design for southern Italian consumers and modern design without frills, even brave, for the customer of the northern European market.

The same hourglass shape has been maintained but reworked with more cleanliness and continuity, enhanced also by the use of materials such as glass and stone, which have allowed the product to be used in more traditional and more modern variants.



Design of a bestseller in numbers


However, the only confirmation that this product is a best seller is given by the numbers: in the first eighteen months Cherie Up sold more than 6,200 pieces, doubling the volumes of the previous model and becoming the top seller of the entire Edilkamin range.


design industriale


That is why we believe that this is the right equation: good design = good business