Wine Design: designing an everlasting product


There are products and markets imbued with history and values, such as the one of wine. Making wine design means working in a sector that needs to be analyzed and understood in depth.

When Enrico Albertini, the CEO of LegnoArt, tasked us with the design of a new corkscrew, what he stated had been clear: “I’ve been looking for a new line for years. So many designers have come and gone by and the laboratory is now overflowing with prototypes.” Yet none of them reflected what the client wanted.


Design & wine: not an easy challenge


The beauty and difficulty of our work lay in having to learn the logic that governs a market from scratch every single time, and making the values ​​that the customer wants to include in the product our own.



When you design a corkscrew, or when you work in wine design in general, you come to touch the strings that are connected to a ritual carved over time. Gestures that form the tasting experience. The corkscrew is what comes between a man and the wine; a tool that reflects the essence of this world in its lines and materials.


The wine world is conservative, but demanding as well. Novelty and tradition must coexist. It doesn’t want to give up on wooden barrels and glass bottles, but at the same time demands a refined but recognizable aesthetic.


The eternal corkscrew: Primitivo


The challenge has been accepted and Primitivo is the splendid result. Therefore, we interviewed the sommelier, studied the ergonomics made of levers, weights, balances, and researched symbols to be included in the product. We wanted to create the perfect tool.



“We wanted to create an object that would gain value as years passed like a bottle of good wine.”

Primitivo has a symmetrical shape, with two different types of wood coming together in the middle. They enclose a shiny metal plate with a texture of vine leaves. The hunting rifles sector was a major source of inspiration: from there we took cues for the way to work metal and wood.

The beauty of this product is linked to its workmanship, still largely artisanal. Each copy of Primitivo is an unique piece, where the hand of the artisan together with the variability of the wood confers exclusivity. Thus, an everlasting object is created.

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