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When design enhances food: the outdoor collection


Designing an outdoorset of plates, bowls and salad bowls, for barbecues or for eatingoutdoor, is a challenge just as interesting as it is difficult. We did it for Goodness & Gosh, an Australian company specializing in accessories for outdoor dining. Now we want to tell you a little bit about this project with few precedents in the world.


AAA style and sustainability wanted


Useless to deny it: it happened to everyone to organize a barbecue and use glasses, cutlery and plastic plates. They are ugly, unsustainable and impractical. Eating outdoors is indeed often thought of as an informal, humble, unpretentious activity: words like aesthetics, sustainability and good taste take second place in the name of a possible “comfort”.



When we met the founders of Goodness & Gosh we immediately understood each other: we wanted to revolutionize the outdoor eating experience. We were tired of seeing people using plastic for no reason, of seeing badly arranged tables and eating uncomfortably.

But, what mattered the most was enhancing both the food served on these occasions and the whole experience of eating outdoor in company. Today we will tell you how we did it.


5 ways we have revolutionized outdoor eating


  1. Unparalleled quality

We wanted to design a set of outdoor plates and bowls that have the same dignity as classic indoor tableware. So here comes a ceramics galore in two different colors and finishes, which givesoff a high quality vibe and brighten the outdoor dining experience: a unique feeling.

  1. A “natural” aesthetic

One of the first questions we asked ourselves was: how do we include the idea of nature in an outdoor dinner service? We found the answer in the shape of the leaf: an element just as iconic for the context of use (parks, gardens, terraces …) as functional , because easy to take and hold with your hands.



  1. Practicality and sharing

Plastic is as unpractical as it is unsightly. With the guys from Goodness & Gosh we had fun creating matching sets of dishes and ceramic bowls that brought life to unexpected, surprising and beautiful compositions. We wanted them to be practical and “social” too, because everything is often eaten standing and in company: this experience had to beas easier and pleasant as possible, reason why the pieces can be used individually or shared.

  1. To each their own plate

Not all barbecues are the same (not even all designers, and here we explain why). Here, we did not want to eat meat in whatever dish, so we created three different shapes, tailored to the Australian barbecue: a plate for the steak, one for the hot-dog and one for the burgers, each designed both for the main course and the side dishes and sauces.

  1. A sustainable choice

Needless to repeat: the future is #plasticfree and for us at Whynot sustainability is a keyword (here you can find what we think): we produce garbage and throw away plates, cutlery and plastic cups at every barbecue, or lunch outdoor. Having a set of ceramic plates and bowls is an investment that lasts several years (can we even say forever?) And makes every convivial moment special.


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