Daily programmable thermostat

The design of the Seitron Freetime thermostat has been a benchmark in the chrono-thermostat sector for the past decade. With its predominantly analog interface, the Freetime has proven to be exceptionally intuitive, offered at a competitive price, and has emerged as one of the best-sellers in the market. These accomplishments set the stage for the launch of the ambitious Freetime Renewal Project, entrusted to the Whynot team.

Seitron envisioned a new thermostat that not only showcased updated aesthetics but also featured a streamlined interface with fewer components. The goal was to achieve a modernized look without compromising on usability and intuitiveness.

Aesthetics play a crucial role, providing both essential and reassuring elements. Freetime continues to be a first-rate product, catering to a diverse audience that values functionality without unnecessary embellishments.