Product design services

Whynot offers product design services to develop tailor made projects for our client. Each project has its own story, each client has particular needs and dreams. Tell us what you need and we’ll give you the solution!

Product Design

. Concept exploration phase
. User needs definition
. Preliminary technical feasibility
. Advanced parametric 3d modeling
. Mockup development
. Interface design
. Product refinement

Design strategy development

. Market mapping
. Blue Ocean research
. Competitive factors identification
. Strategic design application
. Brand Identity definition

Market research

. Benchmarking
. Target analysis
. Taste and trends
. User experience analysis
. Side markets exploration
. Social and cultural environment
. Context of use

Design concept exploration

. Brainstorming sessions
. Sketchstorming
. Functional / aesthetical innovation research

Art direction

. Brand design language definition
. Design strategy coordination
. Brand Identity definition
. Design communication planning
. Direction of wide interdisciplinary team


. Product facelift
. Design updated with the recent trends
. Cost effective improvement
. Functional improvement