Automatic tacker

At the beginning of 2020 Romeo Maestri wanted to expand its range with a new product, an automatic tacker capable of competing in terms of performance with the best in the industry and with a unique look in perfect Romeo Maestri style.
Rocamatica represents the synthesis of all this according to Whynot.

A highly professional language with rigorous lines and characterized by few but significant details.
Rocamatica is the heir of the historic Rocama10, an icon of the sector. Like the iconic model, the Rocamatica also communicates precision and technicality, with a deliberately evergreen look.
Thanks to the co-injection it was possible to play with different finishes while maintaining an almost completely full-black look where a few red accents stand out.

The mechanical adjustment ring has been kept at the expense of electronic solutions to maintain an analogue gesture and recall the same usability of the Rocama10.