Shaved ice machine

Whynot design continues to collaborate with Crownful and this is the new release – an ice-shaving machine, designed to make perfect slush at home.

The machine has an iconic look that is, at the same time, user-friendly and durable. The bridge architecture gives the object great stability and strength, as well as making the product more refined and visually light.
The motor is positioned in the upper part of the device, emphasized by the use of a brushed metal finish which is also applied in the activation button, located on the top. Soft lines and chamfers alternate to sculpt the plastic shell. Even the surface finishes, glossy and opaque, have been chosen to accentuate the shapes and ensure maximum cleanability of the product.

You only need to plug in the power adapter, add ordinary ice cubes, press the “shaved ice”, add your favorite syrup or juice, or if you like to drink, you can also add appropriate frozen cocktails, non-alcoholic cocktails, and put fresh fruits or decorations on it. This is the best way to enjoy your favorite smoothies at home. Perfect to quench your thirst under the summer heat.

The ABS material has outstanding impact resistance, low-temperature resistance and chemical corrosion resistance characteristics. The surface treatment has a matte texture, making the entire product look more refined. Simple control and easy operation: the user only needs to put the frozen ice cubes into the ice trough, and then press the button on the top to start the operation to produce ice with adjustable thickness.