Battery-powered chainsaw

In the gardening sector, STIGA is a recognized brand that has been offering innovative solutions with a refined design for more than 80 years.
Stiga turned to Whynot with a very challenging task. Define the aesthetics of a new battery-powered chainsaw starting with a mechanical layout and a design language both defined.

When designing work tools like this one, ergonomic study is essential. Position of the center of gravity, grip, and user interface. Every detail must be integrated ensuring the maximum functionality of the instrument.
The design alternates curved shapes with elementary geometries adhering to the internal mechanical components for a dynamic and light look. On the top extends a striped yellow surface that connects the front with the interface area; characteristic detail of all the products of the 700 series.
The product is mainly black, in an alternation of glossy and matte surfaces where a few and targeted yellow accents accentuate some key details.