Sparkling water maker

When Twenty39 initially approached us, they had a distinct vision in mind. Their objective was to elevate the premium and refined appearance of their product, Qarbo, a sparkling water maker. Building upon a thoroughly tested and fully functional internal mechanism, the Whynot Design team meticulously crafted a sleek aesthetic characterized by clean lines, poised to captivate attention and enhance any kitchen.

The soda maker, in addition to being lightweight, seamlessly transforms into a pedestal for the bottle, which is itself conceived as an exquisite objet d’art for tabletop display. Qarbo Luxe possesses a captivating allure both with and without the bottle, presenting itself as a multifaceted monolith constructed from anodized aluminum. This high-quality creation seamlessly merges essential form with an intricate pleated texture, establishing itself as an iconic masterpiece.