Water cooler machine & eco-friendly water dispenser

Bottleless Nation collaborates with bottleless water and ice dealers across all US states, helping them promote sustainability and eco-friendly products within their communities.

The S5000 represents the pinnacle of innovation in hydration solutions! Designed by Whynot Design, the S5000 is an all-in-one flagship hydration station, offering unparalleled convenience and sustainability.

The design studio has meticulously crafted both the external appearance of the product, defining the brand’s design language, and the user interface, ensuring it is accessible to everyone by adhering to the strictest ergonomic standards, including those for individuals with disabilities.

The product is conceived with a concept of modularity and configurability, allowing it to be sold in a compact countertop version, a tall version with a base, or a fully accessorized version that includes an ice module to provide this additional feature.

Following the S5000 model, other dispenser models have been redesigned to follow the look and feel of this flagship model, ensuring a clear and distinctive brand identity.