TENS EMS electrostimulators

The TENS EMS electrostimulators are devices that generate electrical stimuli targeting muscles to alleviate pain, aid in injury recovery, and enhance muscle strength.

These are wearable devices designed for athletes who engage in daily workouts at the gym or outdoors, thus needing to convey durability, high performance, and a sporty look.

The choice of circular shapes, dark tones, and metallic details aims to reinforce this perception of a professional tool for athletes. The interface has been simplified by transferring the management of all functions to the smartphone app. This design approach allows the device’s aesthetics to become entirely minimal, resembling a decorative body accessory while also being completely waterproof.

The case has been designed with the same philosophy as the device, creating aesthetic coherence with the lines of the electrostimulator. Each element composing the kit finds its place in the case, which simultaneously serves as a docking station for the devices.