Bridge – luxury billiard table

Whynot designers proudly introduce their first product of this kind – a billiard table. Driven by the philosophy of essential luxury, the designers aimed to encapsulate the essence of sophistication through a thoughtful amalgamation of distinctive details and premium materials.

The result is “Bridge,” a billiard table that embodies simplicity with an emphasis on characterizing elements. Its clean, uncomplicated shapes are enriched by the use of high-quality materials. Drawing inspiration from the world of yachts, Bridge boasts a wooden base with a strategically placed hole, not only visually lightening the object but also showcasing the impeccable artisanal construction prowess of the American company.

Intriguingly, metallic details serve as accents of light, further enriching the billiard table and transforming it into a sculptural masterpiece. This design feature ensures that Bridge integrates into various settings—whether it be the sleek and modern environs of contemporary spaces or the more traditional and rational atmospheres.