Self-service banking multi-function machine

Sigma is a leading company in banking & cash dispensing machine and electronic and automatic ticketing both in national and international market.
The increasing automation required in the banking sector has prompted Sigma to turn to Whynot to develop a new self-assisted terminal capable of offering the most advanced technologies on the market.
The product consists in a multi-functional totem which is integrated by an independent cash-dispensing module. The aesthetic integration of this external element was one of the most delicate elements of the project because it was tied to an already existing and potentially variable aesthetic.
A particular effort has been devoted to the UX and UI. The Self cash machine had to offer countless forms of interaction, intuitive, immediate and enclosed in the smallest possible footprint.

The terminals have been ordered and hierarchized in a consequent way, favoring the ergonomics of the most used peripherals and with more complex interaction.
A final deep analysis was addressed to the opening system the product for access to the components in order to guarantee ergonomic quality in all phases of interaction with the machine.