Origin – specialty coffee machine

Biepi has relied on Whynot to create its own icon for the specialty world, a new and challenging sector where Biepi wanted to enter in style.
Origin represents the maximum expression of BIEPI’s new design language, a mix of emotion and elegance, natural materials such as wood alternating with black and stainless steel sheets.

In Origin, elements of the industrial world blend with the furniture sector, in a design object that stands out into any interior design.

The main body is chromatically divided between the black of the top where the groups are located and the lower part in stainless steel where the height-adjustable tray is located.
The 4 oak legs lift the machine giving it dynamism and completing the color palette that identifies BIEPI: black, stainless steel and wood. The knurled levers and steam wands have been deliberately brought out in order to keep the volume of the machine as low and lean as possible. The use of chrome and steel for these elements stems from the desire to give value and light to the machine as well as a perception of robustness and reliability

Finally, the lights complete the work: 2 LED strips that run along the entire length of the machine, both on the front to illuminate the barista’s work area, and on the back to enrich the product.